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Chest and Back Superset Workout

Chest and Back Superset Workout

If you want to quickly add bulk to your pecs and chest, and who doesn’t, then the fastest way to do that is by doing a chest and back superset workout.  What are supersets? It is a method of strength training where you quickly go from one exercise to another without stopping for a rest period in between.  You can stop for a second or two and grab some water but no waiting for 30 seconds to start the next set.  You can speed up your workouts, spend less time in the gym and still get that shredded look that you want.

Why are these exercises so effective?

When you do two or more exercises one after another with no rest period between sets, then you are making your muscles work harder than normal.  You are also going to burn more fat than you would taking the time to rest between sets.  While burning calories may not be your primary goal it does also provide a cardio workout by speeding up your heart rate.  There is the added benefit of challenging yourself and trying a more intense workout than you normally do.  All you have to do is take out the rest period between your sets.

How to do a Superset

For most supersets you simply alternate a lower body exercise with an upper body exercise.  It looks a lot like HIIT or interval training, where you can get a solid cardio workout in without having to run miles on the treadmill.  You would start with a lower body exercise first like lunges and once you have done a set then you follow it up with some chest presses.

You don’t have to alternate between lower and upper body exercises you can alternate between chest and back exercises or biceps and triceps.  For this instance we are going to concentrate on supersets using your chest muscles and back muscles.  Here is a look chest supersets.

Adding Some Cardio

Some exercises are more effective at elevating your heart rate than others.  Lunges get your heart pumping, chest presses…not so much.  If you want to increase the cardio activity in your workout then instead of going from one exercise to another put some cardio exercises in between.  You can do some step ups or jumping jacks in between exercises.

Less is More

Not taking the time to rest in between exercises is going to make your muscles tire faster.  You don’t need to do as many reps or you can use less weight to get an effective workout.  Once you have completed a back to back set then take a minute or two to rest before moving on to the next exercise.